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Public Feedback

The Board welcomes constructive criticism relative to the educational program or operation of the district. Complaints on the behavior or performance of employees of the district are also welcomed when properly acknowledged with name and address of complainant.

For each complaint to be investigated in an orderly process and to ensure no rights of individuals are violated, any complaint delivered to individual board members or during a regularly scheduled meeting of the Board shall be turned over to the Superintendent for processing. Board members shall avoid personally intervening with district employees for the purpose of complaint resolution.

Constituents of the district are encouraged to seek remedies for problems or complaints by first going to the district personnel responsible for handling the area where the problem or complaint has occurred.

Only if no satisfactory adjustment can be made, and after exhausting the problem solving sequence described, will the Board intervene. After considering evidence submitted by the Superintendent, and if it appears advisable, a hearing will be granted to the complaining party. Note: the complaining party must make his/her request for a hearing in writing to the Superintendent indicating all substantiated issues and requested relief. Such hearings may be conducted in executive session, subject to the provisions of the law.


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