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Family Learning Guides

The Adams 14 Family Learning Guides are a series of grade level guides that support families in understanding what Adams 14 students in pre-kindergarten through high school should know by the end of each school year. Learning expectations, based on the Colorado Academic Standards, are listed for reading and writing, math, science, social studies, social emotional development, physical education, and arts and music. Each pre-kindergarten through middle school guide includes suggested activities you can do at home and in the community to further support learning. The high school learning guide focuses on how families can help make sure their children graduate on time and are ready for college and career. We encourage you to use these guides in your conversations with teachers about how you can best support your child’s learning both at school and at home.

Family Learning Guides

Preschool (English | Spanish)

Kindergarten (English | Spanish)

First Grade (English | Spanish)

Second Grade (English | Spanish)

Third Grade (English | Spanish)

Fourth Grade (English | Spanish)

Fifth Grade (English | Spanish)

Sixth Grade (English | Spanish)

Seventh Grade (English | Spanish)

Eighth Grade (English | Spanish)

High School (English | Spanish)