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Health Science and Human Services

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The Academy of Health Science and Human Services prepares students for health and medical careers through engaging in a rigorous problem-solving program of study that focuses on areas of health, wellness and medicine in a research-based and lab-oriented environment.

Health Science Pathway

Encompasses both natural science and behavioral science and prepares students to improve the lives of patients while working their way to a future in a variety of medical-related careers and settings.

9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
Introduction to Health Science  Anatomy and Physiology  PCT Certification  WBL: Internship
Introduction to Medical Terminology
HPR 1038
 Human Nutrition for Health Science
HWE 1050
 English 3 Review National Exam
Fr Foundations English 2 Algebra 2 PFL
 English 1  Geometry  Chemistry  English 4
 Algebra 1 Earth Science American History Psychology
PSY 2441
 Biology  World History  Spanish 3   Government/Civics
 Geography  Physical Education/Health/Elective    
 Spanish 1  Spanish 2    

Human Services Pathway

Students will participate in our SOAR Teacher Preparation program.

9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
Introduction to Human Services  Psychology
PSY 2441
Introduction to Socially Just Teaching
UEDU 1930
 Language, Power, and Identity
CLDE 1000
Introduction to Early Childhood Development Digital Teaching and Learning
INTE 2000
SJT II Research Course
UEDU 1931
Framework for Understanding (Dis)Ability
SPED 1030
Fr Foundations English 2 English 3 PFL
 English 1  Geometry Algebra 2  English 4
 Algebra 1 Biology Science Elective   Government/Civics
Earth Science  World History  American History Elective
 Physical Education/Health/Elective Spanish 2 Spanish 3  
 Spanish 1      

Teachers in Health Science and Human Services

Teacher Subject Email
 Dr. Carey Fabacher  Health Science
 Salma Amer  Biology
 Brian Anthony  RLA
 Nicholas Lombardi  Geography